Celebrating 1K Followers on Medium

A thank you and retrospective of my favorite articles

J. S. Wong


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Before I started writing on Medium, I’d mostly written fiction and had gotten burned out from trying to get my stories published. So I didn’t have any big expectations when I signed up on Medium in mid-January of 2021 with the hope of making a little extra income. I figured I could write articles about fiction writing and take advantage of my habit of writing book reviews on Goodreads.

After a few years of writing on the platform, I finally hit 1,000 followers on September 9. I thought it’d be fitting to give thanks and call attention to some of my favorite articles. Feel free to give them a read and thank you so much for your support!

My first article

I wrote this self-published piece with some general advice about being a self-taught fiction writer. It also served as my sample to a become writer for The Writing Cooperative.

My book review debut

Aside from writing about the craft of writing, I wanted to share my book reviews, especially about my favorite horror novels. Amateur Book Reviews was the first book publication I chose. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re not as active these days. If you like creepy, slow burn books, Violet is a fantastic read.

My first article in The Writing Cooperative

The Writing Cooperative is the biggest Medium publication on writing. Given all the discouraging experiences I had with fiction publications, I was surprised they accepted my article about the critique process I used with my writer’s groups.



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